2014 Antelope Hunt

Update on the 2014 Antelope hunt

You guys are AWESOME Prayer Warriors!

We had lots of action/stalks/close encounters on Sunday afternoon. Things were tough with the rut still in full swing as the bucks were chasing the does keeping them on the move.ย One of the things that young new hunters have to learn is that when you are hunting it is not the same as shooting at paper targets and you don’t have all day to pull the trigger! You want them to be comfortable with the shot but they also need to learn to get off a GOOD shot quickly! Out of 6 kids, all 6 had opportunities on Sunday, 3 actually took shots and only one actually tagged a goat on Sunday. The other 2 got their shirt tails cut off which is in our by-laws – if you miss then you loose a shirt-tail! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Fortunately they were clean misses.

The pressure was on as we only had 2 guides lined up for Monday. We normally we 3 or 4 goats down on Sunday and 2 guides for Monday is plenty, but 2 guides and 5 kids had me a little worried for our Monday hunt.

Your prayers were answered in an awesome young man named Joseph, who is a cowboy on the ranch that we hunt on and coincidentally (another word for Gods plan) had participated in one of our youth hunts 4 or 5 years ago. Joseph swung by our camp Sunday evening to check in on us and after explaining our delima to him, he said that he didn’t have anything going on Monday morning and after talking it over with his boss/the ranch owner, we now had 3 guides for the 5 kids which was a huge relief for us. Obviously, Joseph knows the ranch as well as anyone so we gave him 2 of the kids while we took the other 3 kids.

Planning on a long day of hunting, especially after how things had gone Sunday afternoon. Won’t go into all of the details of how God worked some pretty cool tricks/miracles on this hunt (like 2 kids taking 2 goats out of the same herd at the same time (normally after the first shot all of the other goats are bogging out to the next county and there is no time for a second shot), or another kid who just recently blew out his knee playing football and is scheduled to go in for surgery this week got his goat, but will say that by 11:30 Monday morning we had filled all 5 of the remaining kids tags and no additional misses! ๐Ÿ™‚

In the past few weeks, God has repeatedly placed Prov. 3: 5,6 (trust the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Acknowledge Him in all ways and He will lead your path) on our hearts and again this weekend we got to see how He blessed this outing by just staying out of His way and let Him lead!

Thanks again for all of the prayers.
Now back to pulling out all of these cactus stickers from my knees and elbows after this weekends hunt!