December 7, 2022

HCM and Men Ministry Officially Join Forces

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We are SUPER excited to welcome Brent Henderson and Men Ministry to HCM!

At High Country Ministries (in association with, we reveal Dangerous Truth to men and women who have fallen prey to deception that has left them in bondage, under a constant pressure to perform. Our goal is to equip with the powerful truth of who we are in Christ. Children of our King. It can be that simple. It will be that transformational.

Through discipleship training, conferences, weekend retreats and sportsman’s banquets, we have seen multitudes of men and women come to Christ and loosed from bondage.

We know that when men and women are both transformed, the family is freed, the world changed. Marriages restored, the power of addictions broken, the hurting healed, and the lost found. These changed men and women are then trained to go and make disciples.

We Are Currently Expanding Our Team. Through this letter, we are recruiting ministry partners who will join us through prayer and financial support.

The Fruit of High Country Ministries is evidenced through men like Jake, a Navy Seal, tears streaming down his face, who came up to my table after a men’s event.

“I’ve always thought that who I was, came from my title, how many missions I’d completed, and if a woman wanted me. That has been my identity for the past 13 years, and my wife and son have suffered greatly. Tonight, you said who a man really is, has everything to do with knowing Christ as Lord and Savior. When you gave the invitation to receive Christ, my son took my hand and the two of us prayed for God to change my heart. We both gave our hearts to Christ.”

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