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2017 Training #1 – Afternoon

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Date(s) - Sunday, Jun 11, 2017
1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Local Shooting Range


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As far as “official” sight in goes the requirement is to shoot a 3″ group at 100 yards. I am sure we can get the kids in that ballpark with a bit of range time and practice on fundamentals. I would like to give you all an idea of what has worked in the past. I like .22 LR, I mean I really like .22LR. You get the bang without the associated recoil of a typical hunting cartridge. I am also convinced that the basics of stock, cheek, grip, crosshairs, breath control, squeeze, translate from .22 LR to a hunting rifle. I like to shoot coke cans or clay pigeons for practice. I believe shooting is a game. It can be really fun if you make it a game. It can be high pressure if you don’t. I like to put a couple of clay pigeons on a berm about 50 yds away and bang away with a .22. The idea is to give positive feedback to the shooter and watch the dirt fly. There is no lasting impression of flyers on paper, just dirt and broken clay. If you can hit it in 3 shots then mom and dad buy ice cream. You get the picture. Now, try that from a pack, shooting sticks, a fence post ect… that you WILL face in the field. Nice to hit a 3″ group from a concrete bench and sandbags, but I have not found many of those in the woods. Sighting in the hunting rifle is the last step. I do not like to shoot more than about 9 rounds at a time, and even then with breaks. Physics is physics and the kids will take a beating from a hunting rifle even in a light caliber like a .243 or .308. I promise to look at you funny if you bring a .300 win mag with your 12 year old 85 lb kid.

I want your kids to be successful. I have been there as a dad, trust me. I will make time if you are flexible at all. All of that said, some of your kids are excellent marksmen and I already know your families. Get with me on one of the practice days and I will let you “test out” of the “official” sight in day.  This is an offer, by no means is additional practice mandatory.

The hunt is only the culmination of time you spend talking and preparing with your kids. Range time is family time. Family time is sometimes hard to come by. Time passes and does not care.

I would like to know if any of you are interested in working out a date that we can hit the range. I have access to a couple of private ranges for 2 kids at a time, or can schedule Cheyenne Mountain for a larger group. Scheduling depends on the number of you that are interested in a bit of additional range time. Please respond to the group so I can come up with some options. Let me know if you are experienced and wish to test out and call it a day.
I will be available 11, 18, 24 June and 16, 23, 29 July. These dates are subject to change if my boss wants me to be elsewhere. I will work with you, let me know what works. I will schedule 2 kids at a time to comply with club rules and limit waiting time. I will schedule morning and afternoon groups. I would like you to commit to 2-3 hours if you would like additional training. Access to my club range is free, but I need to follow the rules.

I wish all of you the best and hope to meet you soon.

Steve Dailey



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