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This is THE sight that I've been using for years. So should you especially if you're coming out west to hunt at higher elevations that you're practicing at. Why? Because the air is thinner at higher elevations causing your arrows to land higher.Back when I was shooting the Vegas tournaments I'd train at 6,500' (in Colorado) then descend to 1,500' (in Vegas) and @ 18 meters my arrows would land 1" lower since I was moving from thinner to thicker air. Imagine practicing at 500 feet above sea level then chasing a big bull or buck at treeline (12,000')!The React series of sights allow for the adjustment in a snap! Check your 20 yard pin. Make whatever adjustment is needed for your new elevation then check your 30 yard pin. Make that tweak and you're good to go!#trophyridge#beararchery#backcountrybowhunting ... See MoreSee Less
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While this verse is speaking of physical boundaries it can be applied to other domains as well. Such as: the boundaries set by Constitution."Don’t move an ancient boundary markerthat your fathers set up." Proverbs 22:28 HCSB#BIBLE #USA #Constitution #billofrights ... See MoreSee Less
"If a man dies, shall he live again?All the days of my hard service I will wait,Till my change comes." Job 14:14Job is determined to wait on the Lord, are you? ... See MoreSee Less